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Posted by Frank on November 12, 2000 at 07:44:41:

First, and most importantly, I agree wholeheartedly that the diciplines of DIR in advanced technical diving are absolutely correct and necessary. I also agree that dive for dive, trained, experienced advanced technical divers are safer and have a much lower "incident" record than the majority of recreational sport divers. However...(correct me if I misinterpret), most of the past DIR threads suggest that the DIR system should be mandated for ALL divers, from basic novice on up. If that, indeed, was the requirment, entry level diving would all but dry up, severely impacting the bottom lines of dive shops and DEMA. The majority of divers enter the sport to qualify for the occasional trip to the clear, warm, benign waters of the tropics. These divers are the bread of butter of the commercial sport diving industry. If they had to face the time, expense, and dedication to DIR they'd probably stick to snorkeling. As it is, more divers are leaving the sport than entering it; leaving because of "been there, done that". They don't have the dedication of divers that entered the sport in the past.
So I ask the question: which elements of DIR should be required for entry level diving and which reserved for advanced without negatively impacting the economics of the business?

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