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Posted by maddiver on August 28, 2001 at 09:26:33:

In Reply to: Re: Not trying to Flame anyone, please read post for e-mail informaiton posted by TDI Diver on August 27, 2001 at 18:16:33:

I agree attitude of many DIR divers is unforgivable and this is where much of the message is lost. This is what appears to have happened in your experience. DIR is now mainstream and many feel they can just go buy 'DIR' by getting a full kit of Halcyon or EE gear. You and I know that it is these individuals (the newbee's to tech diving) and a few malcontent internet cowboys who may actually do a little diving do not have a real grasp on things.

Modification of the system is ***not*** against DIR and in fact is supported by it. The concept is that the base package stays the same and situations that force intense concentration/reactions will become second nature and remove perceived task loading stress. So to support my arguement...I and many other DIR divers take our lift bags on ocean tech dives but leave them on land when cave diving (modification of system...and a very simplistic example but still DIR).

DIR and GUE have long predated EE or Halcyon and were not (could not have been given their beginnings) adopted to sell gear.

However, I now question your presence as a marketing CEO; as EE and Halcyon are selling gear like hotcakes (evident by new gear sales and used..check out ebay and do a quick financial analysis of what Halcyon and EE gear resales for compared with any other manufacturer (% of retail price). EE and Halcyon have expanded to include a new production facility which is impressive given this potmarked economy and they have done it without record debt loads typically associated with setting up large scale manufacturing and machine shops. Even Dive Rite is a little frightened......

I realize you may be put off by a few (or many) DIR individuals but do not lose sight of your ability to assess the situation. If DIR was crap then this marketing bubble would have burst long ago.

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