I am getting the impression..

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Posted by JohnB on July 03, 2001 at 10:52:16:

...that some of you don't get out much and think the planet and more specifically the Oceans are doing just fine. I'm not sure how you do it...go diving and not remember the way it looked ten years back but I see a huge difference! Island after Island in places like the Caribbean, South Pacific, Indian ocean, etc., are becoming stark white uninhabited graveyards. EACH individual MAKES A DIFFERENCE and the subtle things actually make the most difference! Donating money to some org is great for your taxes, conscience and your portfolio but the real difference is in how you interact with the places you visit. Just one of the things DIR has over all the others is it promotes awareness of your gear! NO it does NOT mean you have to be DIR to be aware but it does help some of those who as yet are not aware, to those I say "Quit draggin that chuckwagon into the water!" And like the children who have not yet developed ability to reason have to be told, "Look but don't touch". The depletion of Ma Earth will not stop until the senseless babymaking subsides but "we" can help slow the losses by being considerate (does not mean saying sorry, it means considering the result of YOUR actions BEFORE you have to apologize) and aware. If this took you more than a minute to read, you might be who it is directed at.

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