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Posted by MHK on August 01, 2000 at 11:43:24:

In Reply to: CLOSE CALL ON YUKON posted by BEMTMAN on August 01, 2000 at 07:00:05:

I'm glad to hear all is well and this incident provides an important opportunity to discuss a few issues that seem ta take a back seat when all thingas are well;

While I realize that you are merely providing and account of the incident these points are raised for discussion purposes:

1) Where was his buddy??

2) What gas was he diving?? This dive is the perfect dive to be done on Nitrox. It has a hard bottom so we shouldn't hear from the usual suspects about exceeding MOD's and OxTox potential.

3) I believe strongly that a clear head on this wreck is of the utmost importance.

4) A 36% Nitrox would have yeilded an EAD of 75'. Would that have mattered who knows?? But it certainly could not hurt.

5) Was this instructor trained in wreck diving

6) Did he run lines

7) This wreck has many, many exit points. Granted all things didn't go as planned in terms of sinking, but there are substantial exit points

8) Was this guy running 1/3's

9)A 36% would have had an EAD of 75', a P02 0f 1.45 and an MOD of 95' @ 1.4, 105' @ 1.5 and 114 @ 1.6.

10) What kind of lights was he using??

11) Was he solo?? If not, where the hell was his buddy??

If there was ever a dive in our area that suggests that Nitrox is applicable in our markets it's the Yukon..

While it's not my attention to focus too much on this particular instructor, it does seem BASED ON THE FACTS AS REPORTED he did many things wrong and many things that we should discuss so as to avoid anyone else having a scare such as this..


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