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Solo Diving
How often do you dive solo?
more than 80% of my dives
60% - 80% of my dives
40% - 60% of my dives
20% - 40% of my dives
less than 20% of my dives
I have in the past, but now always dive with a buddy.
I always dive with a buddy.
I don't dive, I just like to vote!
Current results

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Environments: lush kelp forests, rock reefs, caves, pinnacles, urchin barrens, sand shoals, ship wrecks, surf zones.
Water Temperature Range: 44F-74F (6C-23C) depends on location, depth, and time of year
Fish: garibaldi, blacksmith, señoritia, kelp fish, sole, halibut, turbot, sanddab, blackeye goby, bluebanded goby, zebra goby, sarcastic fringehead, ronquil, wolf-eel, moray eel, rock wrasse, sheephead, barracuda, surfperch, halfmoon, whitefish, opaleye, zebraperch, croaker, white sea bass, lizardfish, midshipman, sargo, salema, jack mackeral, calico or kelp bass, spotted or sand bass, rock bass, giant black sea bass, sculpin, cabezon, lingcod, greenling, treefish, rockfish, smelt, anchovie, sardine, yellowtail, bointa, mackeral, mola, bluefin tuna, needlefish, queenfish, blenny, blue rockfish, red rockfish, cabazon, sunfish, mola mola, bocaccio, zebra perch, rubberlip perch.
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Crabs: kelp crab, rock crab, decorator crab, sheep or spider crab, dungeness crab, sand crab, shore crab, hermit crab, warrior crab, helmet crab.
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Sea Mammals - Pinnipeds: harbor seal, sea lion, dolphin, common dolphin, gray whale, blue whale, humpback whale, killer whale, pilot whale, elephant seal, Dall's porpise, beaked whale.
Plants: agarweed, algee, eel grass, cord grass, salt grass, bull kelp, elkhorn kelp, featherboa kelp, giant kelp, spongeweed, sea palm, laminaria, rockweed.

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